Brewin’ USA

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In Brewin’ USA, join the Craft Beer Revolution and competing to be the best Craft Brewery in the USA.


…You jump head first into the craft beer revolution and land yourself a start-up brewery.  With a few heirloom Craft Beer recipes in hand, you dream of one day becoming the greatest Brewmaster in the nation.  But first, you’ll need to get your brewery off the ground and duke it out for limited brewing ingredients.

To be successful, you will need to master the art of brewing and launch a product line tailored to win the popularity of the USA.  Each region has a specific taste in beer and your craft brews will need to be strategically positioned to control the most Craft Beer market demand focusing on lucrative cities and trending regions. There will be fierce competition in the form of Brewfests where your rival Craft Breweries will duke it out for Craft Beer fame.

Through brewing mastery, tactful product placement, and strategic regional control, the most successful brewery will emerge. Brewin’ USA.

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Special thanks to everybody who helped in play testing this game

  • GameHole Con 2014 – Madison, WI
  • NewGameaPalooza – Oshkosh, WI
  • First Playtest Hall GenCon 2014 – Indianapolis, IN
  • Red Gamers TNC, TP3, TPN
  • United Geeks of Gaming – Minneapolis, MN
  • Eurogames, Ameritrash, and Cards Meetup – Minneapolis, MN
  • IGDA @ Light Grey Art Labs game night
  • St. Thomas Tabletop Boardgame club
  • NorthGate Brewing Game Night
  • Ale Asylum, Capital Brewing, and Wisconsin Brewing Company Craft Beer and Board Games bus!

Game Details

60 Minutes

2-5 Players

Ages 21+

Game Design – Adam Rehberg

Artwork and Graphics – Chris Givens, Maki Naro