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Four Humours

A competitive strategy game for 2-6 players where you’ll need to bluff and outwit your opponents.  You play as a medieval philosopher trying to prove your worth to the kingdom.  Influence the right citizens and your name will go down in history.

A strategic game of Wits and Guts to unite the "Cube Pushers" and "Social Deducers".

Four Humours - Quad inspiration

A game with personality

Each of the Four Humours is linked to a different personality type. The mechanisms of the game beckon players to activate their own personalities which amplifies the fun every game.

Will you invite friends to join the group of Sanguines at the table, or will you secretly spoil the party by playing the aggressive Choleric potion?

"Secret" Worker Placement

Four Humours uses a brand new “secret worker placement” mechanism.  Each player has four types of potions to place face down onto a character.  The potions are only revealed to all players at the end of the round.

Everybody knows it was one of two potion types based on the character, so your bluffing and deduction skills will be critical to determine where your most favorable outcomes lay.

Once two total cards are filled, potions are revealed one by one and the winning tokens are move onto the map.

Prisoner's Dilemma

Dissect and manipulate the Prisoner’s Dilemma puzzle on 30 unique locations.

Place your potion on a character to augment their temperament with the goal winning influence at the location.

The various combinations of characters make for stimulating deduction puzzles to conquer every turn.

No Victory Points

You win the game by completing the most goals so there is no elaborate victory point salad to toss at the end!

  1. The first goal completed triggers the Midday Parties (for all players).
  2. Your second goal triggers the game end and also the ultimate celebration: The Midnight Parties.

Each party is yet another exciting opportunity for players to influence the subjects of the kingdom and swing the victory at the very last moment of the game.

Make sure to plan ahead so you don’t miss out on the big celebration!

Dynamic Rounds

The gameplay is both snappy and engaging, and tension results from not knowing exactly when the round will end. 

Look for the opportunity to end the round favorably to spoil another player’s long term strategy.

Modular Map

Create a completely unique Kingdom map every time you play using the modular map tiles.  Locations are randomized to keep you on your toes, and there are unique strategic objectives in place making a highly replayable experience.

Multiple Game Modes

Flip the Kingdom Map and you’ll find the Fiefdom Map. In the fiefdom, each player controls their own segment of the kingdom.  Your focus now shifts to winning the location with a particular character and not simply winning the location. Win the game by placing your potions onto your Fiefdom in patterns that complete the unique Fiefdom goals in play.