Print It and Ship It is a weekly 30 minute podcast that documents our journey as game designers, self-publishers, and as a small indie publisher Adam’s Apple Games.  We’re different because we broadcast the behind-the-scenes discussion that leads to final decisions for our games and our business.  Our mission is to become a resource to designers and self-publishers, and provide opportunity for on-air face time with a small indie publisher.

Have a game to pitch to us?

Shoot an email to adam@adamsapplegames.com with your game pitch!  We’ll discuss your pitch live on the show and give you feedback on what resonates with us. If you want your voice heard on the show, send a 2 minute audio recording for us to play.

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  • Episode 111 - Essen Spiel October 24, 2018
    Adam's Apple Games preps for Essen!
  • Episode 110 - Listener Questions October 14, 2018
    We take some questions from the audience and answer them. How do you deal with accounting? How do you deliver games to backers, how do you handle international fulfillment?
  • Episode 109 - How to write a design brief September 30, 2018
    When you're ready to work with an artist, you will need a design brief to communicate your requirements to them.
  • Episode 108 - How to Theme an Abstract September 13, 2018
    The abstract game is a classic game that has the ability to stand the test of time. They are generally very light in theme if any is present at all and minimalist in design. A new rush of themed abstract games are emerging. We explore our own.
  • Episode 107 - When is my game finished September 1, 2018
    Game design is challenging! One of the hardest things to know is when your game is actually finished. We've finished a few games and will shed some light from out experience.

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