At Adam’s Apple Games

…we are humans, then gamers, then game designers, and finally game publishers. If that balance is upset, then so are we. We love to create experiences. We are not afraid of weird. We strive to build things that bring fun into the world.

Building a World in a Box.

How we build an AAG game to FUNction:

Fun = Immersion + Tension + Interaction

Who Are We?

Adam adam pictureis a craft beer loving, dog walking, and nonsense plotting gamer and designer. He founded Adam’s Apple Games looking to turn something he loves into something he can share with others.  Adam’s super power is debating an unclear game rule and forcing the table to read it verbatim from the rulebook testing its interpretation and correctness.

(… okay, maybe not a super power.)


Chris 0is an indie evangelizing, family prioritizing, optimistic gamer and designer. He joined Adam’s Apple Games shortly after it was founded and is a devious tinkerer behind many of the product design ideas that come through AAG.  Chris’ super power are rolling exactly what he needs the roll after he needs it, playing devil’s advocate, and taking the time to read the rule book.

Contact Information:

We’re based out of St. Louis Park, MN.