Agree to Disagree is the party game where nobody wins if everyone agrees!

It’s never been easier to surround yourself with people that agree… b o r i n g! As a result, unique opinions and even disagreements have entered the “awkward zone”. This can make for a stuff party. Thankfully our new party game, Agree to Disagree, will help you deliver a spark to your party, family game night, or event.

We were bored with surface-level, cards-only, and copy-paste party games, so we made something original that cuts deeper with a wacky clever player device. You have to physically connect your device, like a usb dongle, finding somebody you disagree with to score points. This creates a fun and casual spark at the table which helps you host a great party or game night.


You’re incentivized to pick a topic within the selected category that produces some likes and dislikes between the players. It’s too easy to find things that everybody loves or hates, but the real test is threading the needle 50/50.


Humans were born to disagree. Babies learn to say “no” as one of the first words in their vocabulary, but when you grow up sometimes this becomes awkward. The gameplay of Agree to Disagree puts disagreements back into the fun-zone.

In fact, you score points if you connect with someone with whom you disagree! And well… if you agree, then you found some common ground to talk about later.


Making real connections requires charting new territory in the party game world. To do this, we created a wacky plastic component that encodes your opinion (like/dislike). You encode your opinion by rotating it 180 degrees or not, but it’s symmetric so nobody can tell what you decided.

To score points you must physically push your device into another player’s device to see if you agree or disagree.


The gameplay has a positive effect that breaks the tension for pretty much any discussion topic. After each round, you’ll be surprised and curious why a player’s preference leaned one way or the other. You might think you know your friends or family, but there are many layers of depth to unpack and insights to discuss.

Reveal your opinion or keep it secret and reconnect on a deeper level.


There are many modes to explore inside the box, including a fully cooperative mode that keeps the party going at low player counts (2-3 players).

The gameplay was cleverly designed so that everyone’s opinion matters every round, but you still get to make decisions yourself versus submitting to the team.

Combine two boxes for an even larger group (up to 16 players).