We do a lot of game design in-house, but we also take external game designer submissions.

What kind of games does AAG look for?

Board games that push component boundaries and deliver stunning table presence. If your game draws eyeballs, then we want to try it. If you are crafting something physical during play, then we want to try it.

What is the process to submit my game?

Reach out to adam (at) with a sellsheet and be ready to send a rulebook.  We test games internally and also play prototypes at Protospiel MN and Protospiel Madison yearly.

Do you want feedback on your game?

We know how hard it can be for a designer to get face time with a publisher.  We have a podcast and we take your game pitches, play them on the show, and provide feedback live.  It gives you valuable feedback on your game and we also have topics about game design, self-publishing, and publishing.  Check out our podcast page and make sure to subscribe!