Excited about Adam’s Apple Games?  We have a couple of ways to join the team, engage, and help out.

1.) Help us spread the word as a Herald.  We’re always looking for more excited people to join the team.  We sometimes have spots available on our convention crew, demo crew, and we’re always looking for more Adam’s Apple Games heralds.

2.) Blind Playtesting.  We’ll send you prototypes (digital and physical) and ask for your feedback and experience learning the game without a teacher present.

3.) Internship Opportunity.  We have a single internship opportunity available for one month.  Consideration is given upon request.  We’ll plug you in as a designer/developer/art director/graphic designer on one of our current projects and give you some real world experience.  In return, you gain our attention, feedback, and access to our graphic designer resources to help you further your own projects.

Drop us an email! adam @ adamsapplegames.com

4.) Digital development, Translations, Localization opportunities.  We’re always open to hearing new opportunities to share our games with more people in the world.  Drop us an email!

5.) Let’s play a game together!  Join our discord server to stay updated on our monthly events.  Each month we feature one game from our catalog with opportunities to compete, create, or even redesign.  Starting November 2023, we will have one event per month dedicated to teaching AAG team a game!  This can be a published game you just want to play and teach, or even one of your janky prototypes.  Any game is cool with us.

Looking to stay up-to-date on a specific game?  Sign-up for a specific game below.