Are you part of the board game industry media?

We’re always looking to grow our network of hard-working folk like ourselves. Don’t want to miss a new game from Adam’s Apple Games?

Media/Review opportunities:

Please email for requests or opportunities with media/reviews.  Beyond that, we want to build an ongoing relationship with you. We want you to want to review our next game.

Do you have minimum requirements for audience visibility?

That depends. If we’re sending a preview copy or a prototype for review then yes we do. We look at average views and engagement more followers, but we look for at least 100+ avg views or 200+ engagements per month as our basis for consideration but we do sometimes make exceptions.

Review policy:

  • Reviewers must generate an honest review.
  • Review copies may not be sold or traded but they may be donated.  Preview/prototype copies may not be sold, trade, or donated.
  • Reviewers must return a review copy if we ask for it. We will pay the shipping.
  • Reviewers must follow the agreed timeline and review release date and contact us know if something comes up.