Planet Unknown is a competitive, medium-weight, polyomino board game for 1-6 players designed for zero player downtime no matter the size of the group.

A Giant Leap for Polyomino board games.

Planet Unknown is a polyomino tile-laying game that mixes tile-placement, engine-building, simultaneous play, and resource and rover management for a unique and competitive gameplay experience.


A rotating space station enables simultaneous play and player interaction. Games will take 60-70 minutes with two players, or with six players.


Each turn, draft the best tile for your planet choosing between a large and small tile, each comprised of two different resources. Some tiles have a meteor symbol requiring you to place a meteor token which prevents scoring until it is removed.


Consider the dual resources as well as your tile placement to activate your planet’s engine, such as upgrading technology and activating your meteor cleanup crew. Both your water and energy tracks have specific placement considerations to maximize benefits.


Will your planet be ready to sustain human life? Each tile placement advances your planet’s tracks based on its resources. Each track is a unique engine and will unlock medals (victory points), one-time benefits, recurring benefits, and milestones.


Think you can survive on Planet Unknown? Your tile placements will continue to trigger obstacles in the form of meteors which prevent your planet from scoring victory points. Luckily, you’re equipped with a team of Rovers to clean up the meteoric mess before the game ends.


When you start, you will have six life pods on your planet that you may collect for victory points with your rovers. Complete rows and columns on your planet to score victory points unless they have a meteor token on them. Your challenge is to optimize this ever-evolving planetary puzzle as you play.


Each player board is double-sided with a unique corporation and a customized technology tree. Each corporation has a unique benefit and drawback to manipulate.

Each planet has an asymmetric planetary puzzle with unique artwork that can be mixed and matched with the player boards for 49 different asymmetric and replayable combinations.