Firstly, we know that you work super hard at creating content for the board game industry. We appreciate that! We’re hard workers too and we want to work with the like-minded press to grow together.

Are you part of the board game industry press?

We’re always looking to grow our press network. Please sign-up for early access press releases below.

What is the best way for the press to get juicy early access copies?

We’ll most likely track you down. If you’re already here, did you know that we have a system for ordering our prototypes and pre-release copies? Check out the prototype and pre-release shop here (coming soon)!

What are your expectations?

We have a review copy policy posted below. Beyond that, we want to build an ongoing relationship with you. We want you to want to review our next game. We will push your content on our channels. Just let us know if something comes up and you can’t deliver what you promised.

Do you have minimum requirements for audience visibility?

That depends. If we’re sending a preview copy or a prototype for review then yes we do. It is a minimum average of 1000 page views or 1000+ followers or subscribers on your influencing platform.

Review policy

  • Reviewers must generate an honest review.
  • Reviewers may not sell review copies. Reviewers may not sell, gift, trade, or donate prototype review copies.
  • Reviewers must return a review copy if we ask for it. We will pay to ship.
  • Reviewers must follow the agreed timeline and review release date and contact us know if something comes up.
  • Reviewers must link their content on Boardgamegeek (if they are a website member).