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Agree to Disagree is a party game that makes it fun to disagree! The game includes a unique component which transforms the dreaded confrontation into a friendly connection. Find somebody you disagree with and score points! Find somebody you agree with and high-five you have found some common ground to chat about later.

Each round there is a moderator who must choose a topic within a given category. Each player then forms their opinion (Like/Dislike) based on the selected topic and orients their secret opinion device accordingly. Then each player will participate in connecting their device with another player, and the active player scores points if the connected devices show that players disagree. points each round if both players disagree. The last two players must predict if their connection will agree or disagree as their method of scoring points. If you pay attention to the round, you may be able to intuit or deduce the Agree/Disagree logic connection on your turn from the previous connections.

Agree to Disagree works as an icebreaker in a cold room, with family and friends, or with your gaming group. The game adapts to how well you know each by giving players a lot of control over the subject matter. The game is casually competitive at 4-8 players, and cooperative yet challenging at 2-3 players. Instead of copying other party game formats, Agree to Disagree brings a fresh new feel to the genre through a hot-potato turn order.

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