Become the “American Dream on Wheels” as a Food Truck Titan in this zesty 2-6 player food truck board game with plenty of bite.


Send your food truck team to score a sweet parking spot at a lucrative venue. Your timing and game plan will be critical to your success and your opponents look for the perfect opportunity to make you Truck Off!

Truck Off is played over 5 rounds where the winner is the player with the most money earned. Each round, players simultaneously select and then reveal which venue they will park at. A die is then rolled at each venue to determine how many people actually showed up, and profits are split between each truck at the venue.  Players then select which special action(s) they choose to execute this round. Starting with the first player token, players play and execute one action in a clockwise manor.

Truck Off game-play captures the ups and downs of food truck ownership by rewarding both long-term planning and short-term tactics.  We know you’ll enjoy this Food Truck board game.

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PDF version of Truck Off Rulebook

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  • 30 Minutes
  • 2-6 Players
  • Ages 8+

Game Design by Ryan Lambert

Artwork and Graphic Design

  • Illustration by John Ed De Vera
  • Graphic Design by Adam Rehberg

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