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Episode 108 - How to Theme an Abstract


The abstract game is a classic game that has the ability to stand the test of time. They are generally very light in theme if any is present at all and minimalist in design. A new rush of themed abstract games are emerging. We explore our own.

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Episode 107 - When is my game finished


Game design is challenging! One of the hardest things to know is when your game is actually finished. We've finished a few games and will shed some light from out experience.

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Episode 106 - Marketing a game after release


Marketing is always important! There are a ton of resources on how to market pre-release, but we'll go through our own thoughts about post-release marketing.

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Episode 105 - Post Gen COn


How was your Gen Con? Ours was a blast. We chat through our top 5 things from Gen Con this year.

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