Four Humours – Component Suggestions and Poll

If you could suggest one improvement to components in Four Humours, what would it be?
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1.) Add an option to the list and others will be able to vote for it.
2.) Respect others.

5 thoughts on “Four Humours – Component Suggestions and Poll”

  1. I hope the comment about changing the names of the 4 temperaments will not gain traction. A huge part of the reason I’m getting this game is because the temperaments is a subject of much conversation with my non-board-gamer friends and that makes this a great gateway game for them to play.

  2. Doug is right. The title “Four Humours” is also the reason I was drawn to this game. The title, as a matter of fact, is CENTRAL to the theme of the game for God’s sake. If backers are not aware of that, I feel sorry for them.

  3. I’m still on the fence at the moment but the four humours and the history is what intrigued me into this game, and adds the kudos to the game.

  4. I really like the tactile feel of pieces like the “Azul” tiles and the “Century Golem” gems, I like them a little on the heavier side. Also an Insert is a must! hopefully while keeping a small box.

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