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Swordcrafters Print and Play – PnP of PreKickstarter Version

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2-5 Players ; 30 Minutes ; Build a 3D sword as you play!  – Solo Rules are being shipped with the final game.

PnP  instructions:

Print on Cardstock.  Cut out components on the black lines.  Dashed lines indicate creases so do not cut these.  Thick black rectangles indicate slot locations.  Cut a slot or notch into these (Slightly angled V-Notch will work the best and allow easy insertion of components).  When playing the game, you will be slotting Sword Tiles into the Sword Hilt, and slotting Sword Tiles into other sword tiles so making sure these slots function is important.  No tape is required.

It may be smartest to print out one sheet for scrap to experiment with cutting slots to make sure they fit together.  If you do create the PnP, I would love to hear feedback on how it functions and see how it looks so leave a comment!

Love the Swordcrafters PnP?  Here’s where you can buy the full game!

The game is launching on Kickstarter in February 13th, 2018.  I would appreciate your support backing the game as well as spreading the word.  Happy PnP crafting!


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