First Time Vendor

Adam’s Apple Games is excited to announce we will be at Con of the North 2016 in Plymouth, MN as a First Time Vendor!

As a first time vendor, we’re in list-making mode to make sure we’re prepared for the Con.

  1. Look Professional: (2 mo ahead)
    • We got shirts and they are bright green to stand out!
    • Put some thought into your booth. You can do this on the cheap by looking for used trade show equipment on craigslist and ordering banners for used banner stands.  We bought a 10′ x 8′ booth on the cheap with velcro backing so we order and customize posters for Brewin’ USA and also future projects.
    • Posters to catch attention and help explain your brand or product.
    • Table – There are some neat table runners that look pretty professional AND fit any table.
    • Business Cards
    • Printed material for upcoming products

AAG v2 booth

  1. Have a spot to Demo your game:
    • Last Year, we noticed a vendor area that had tables in the center of the room. These tables actually attracted quite a few players looking to demo games, so we snagged one for an extra $100 to make sure we had this space available.
    • Bring a fully published product to demo if possible, or even your polished prototypes.
  2. Be Well Staffed:
    • We will have two people at all times at the booth to offer a quick and full-game version of product demos.
    • We also managed to link up with another local game designer and offered some demo space at the booth in return for help managing things.
  3. Have a Way to Sell Product:
    • Since there are multiple booth members, we’ll be using a card reader and iPad mini as a way that either Chris or myself can process any game sales.  If you don’t have a product to sell, make sure you get a sign up list and ask anybody you pitch the game to if they would ask to be on it.  Digital and Paper are both good.
  4. Do Something Different, Stand Out, and Have Fun:
    • We’ll be dressed in Lederhosen nodding to the craft beer game theme of Brewin’ USA.
    • We’ll plan on having some type of food we’ll be giving away.  Possibly some cookies.
    • A raffle or tournament of some kind!

I will make sure to revisit this page with photos of our booth and learning from our experiences at Con of the North. Please add a comment if you have any other tips as a First Time Vendor to a gaming convention.


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