Four Humours: An experiment on your board gamer personality

Medieval pseudo-science in a board game The Four Humours is a historical theory spanning ancient to medieval times.  The theory was used to explain the inner workings of people based on their bodily fluids.  Too much of one bodily fluid type would result in certain personality traits, and disorders.  Aspects of this pseudo-scienctific theory are …

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Truck Off Roll and Write giveaway

Giveaway for Truck Off Roll and Write I'm excited to announce we're ramping up to release our first Roll and Write game.  This is our first game we've made with 100% our own funds, and we believe in the future of thematic Roll and Write games in the board game market.
Truck Off Logo

Merry Christmas PnP – 2017

Truck Off is a lightweight card game with some bite, that captures the chaotic nature of the food trucking business. Your job will be to send out a team of food trucks trying land a sweet parking space at a lucrative venue. However, your opponents will be looking for the perfect opportunity to get you to “Truck Off.” You will need to set a strategic game plan with both timing and tactical execution if you want to succeed in this Food Truck Frenzy! Check out the free PnP inside.

Retrospective – Game Con Vendor

Since my first crack as a product vendor at Con of the North 2016, I’ve finally gotten a chance to write down my thoughts on the show. Based on our preparations, I was pretty well prepared and staffed for demos and sales. There were a few things we took advantage of and a few points to improve on.