Merry Christmas PnP – 2017

Introducing Truck Off: The Food Truck Fenzy!

I hope you’re like me and had a chance to give at least one board game as a gift this holiday season!

To continue in the spirit of giving, I put together a Merry Christmas PnP of AAG’s upcoming game Truck Off: The Food Truck Frenzy.

Truck Off is a lightweight card game with some bite, that captures the chaotic nature of the food trucking business. Your job will be to send out a team of food trucks trying land a sweet parking space at a lucrative venue. However, your opponents will be looking for the perfect opportunity to get you to Truck Off!  You will need to set a strategic game plan with both timing and tactical execution if you want to succeed in this Food Truck Frenzy!

Don’t miss the chance to pick up your free Merry Christmas PnP!

Best 2-6 Players – 30 Minutes


One lucky PnP downloader will win a fully printed copy of the game mailed to them!

Merry Christmas PnP - Truck off Prototype Cover

This game is in it’s pre-kickstarter form, and is nearly dialed into its final rule set.  Timing for a crowdfunding event is still TBD and feedback is still certainly welcome! We even have some awesome opportunities for crowd driven contributions upcoming so stay tuned.  Artwork is in prototype form, but will be featuring a unique paper craft design aesthetic by a super talented artist.

Truck Off was designed by Ryan Lambert and this will be his first published design. When Ryan brought Truck Off to me, I instantly fell in love with the theme. After we played the game together, I was instantly impressed at how well the mechanics fit the approachable theme.

Truck off takes the Simultaneous Action Selection mechanic to the max by deep frying it, wrapping it in bacon, and adding a touch of jalapeno spiciness!


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